Supporting Student Education

Main issues

Springfield students are some of the brightest in the Commonwealth. They are also some of the most resilient, often facing adversity in their communities and families that lead to social emotional barriers. Those barriers (safety, respect, and communication), often impact a student’s ability to learn and excel academically.

Moving beyond the barriers often requires creativity and enthusiasm on the part of the schools and students. Many schools are not offering creative outlets for students that stimulate learning. Students often complain about being required to sit and listen to lectures and not having classes like music, home economics or being able to have recess. The expectations from standardized testing outweigh learning as many students pass MCAS and still must take remedial classes in their first year of college.

Family involvement has been a priority for Springfield Public Schools. The Home Visit program, among others, have been implemented to improve communication and relations between the schools and families. Family engagement still continues to be a focal area for the schools as it enables schools to better connect with students.

Mrs. Naylor is spearheading an initiative, Parent Villages, to bring families, educators, advocates, and community leaders to the table to create actionable goals to get families more involved in the education process.

Even with an over $400 million budget, schools remain in dire need of resources. There are many untapped and underutilized community partnerships and resources.

Increase community support and partnerships

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Create a safe learning and teaching environment in ALL schools

Priority #2 – Create a safe learning and teaching environment for all. Why?  It is unacceptable for ...

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Bring the fun and enthusiasm back to ALL schools.

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